5 Hour Bucket

Do you need an Adwords expert but you don’t need a recurring monthly engagement?

Our 5 Hour Bucket will work perfectly for you.

You can use these hours for all sorts of Adwords/Bing related tasks, including…

  • Campaign audit
  • Campaign review
  • Rebuilds
  • Conversion tracking
  • Unbounce Landing page build or revisions
  • Google Tag Manager
  • PPC Strategy
  • Google Analytics
  • Search, Shopping, Remarketing, Display, YouTube ads

Here’s how our 5 Hour Bucket  works…

  1. 1
    Purchase one or more 5 Hour Buckets
  2. 2
    Kick-off call with one of our client success managers
  1. 3
    Outline the tasks to be completed
  2. 4
    We will get to work, while communicating the status of our efforts with you

While we will estimate the range of time for tasks to be completed, these are just estimates. All work is charged against your available hours.

*Training is not offered as part of our 5 Hour Bucket