About Inbound Revenue


Mark is the founder & CEO of Inbound Revenue. He has a background in IT, sales, and a wealth of knowledge about everything digital marketing related. Outside work hobbies include hunting, watching the Eagles, and making YouTube videos for his new series "Drink and Drive Traffic." 

Project Manager

Rebekah is Inbound Revenue's project manager. She setups and oversees all operations and ensures all deadlines are being met on time. She has a background in artistic design, and when she's not working enjoys traveling, going to concerts, and outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.

Client Success Manager

Shreya is a true expert in client relations and digital marketing. She's responsible for keeping all our clients happy and outlining in great detail their ppc performance each month. She's always suggesting valuable improvements to keep boosting our overall results. Outside of work she enjoys hanging out at local coffee shops, watching movies, and spending time with friends/family.

Adwords ​&
Landing Page Expert

Stefan is our landing page designer and Google Ads expert. He has exceptional attention to detail and is passionate about his views on all things digital marketing. He is extremely tech savvy and always has new and interesting ideas he's looking to implement. When he isn't working he loves playing the latest video games, sleeping, and watching movies. 

Search Marketing Expert

Ian is a  jack of all trades and dabbles in a little bit of everything including seo,web design, and content writing but has the majority of experience in google ads search marketing. When he isn't working, he enjoys playing guitar, going to the gym, and selling things on eBay. 


Google Ads Expert

Vlad is an expert in ppc marketing and has recently expanded his skill set to Facebook marketing and landing page design. He's an innovative thinker and always staying up-to-date on the latest trends/tools in the digital marketing world. He's an avid gamer, loves playing guitar, and hanging out with friends & family. 


Google Shopping Expert

Milos is an expert in eCommerce and Google shopping campaigns, but also has a solid background in all things related to ppc marketing and web development. He always has a quick and concise solution to any technical problems and knows google ads inside and out. When he's not at work he enjoys............


Sales & Email Marketing

Nicole is our sales and email marketing representative, she's responsible for gaining us consistent qualified leads and clients. She is an expert in email marketing and copy writing. When she's not at work she enjoys........... 

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By focusing on the KPIs that matter to you - customer acquisition and cost of acquisition.


By collaborating with you every step of the way. After all, you know your business better than we do.


By delivering a unified message across every channel you choose our services for.

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