Are you a Do’er or an Action-Faker?

I have recently seen that many people call themselves do’ers. But are they really? Or are they action fakers?

Reading and action are often confused in my perspective. It is very easy for someone to sit in their basement and watch an online course on selling social media. However, there is nothing more valuable than going out and doing it. Along with failing, and potential anxiety, this can be a really tough experience. However, these brutal experiences will make a person grow. I know it is important to theorize and think esoterically, but at the end of the day, a person that calls himself an entrepreneur needs to make money.

End of story.

These two distinctions can be instrumental in creating failure, success, and extraordinary success. Most gurus out there want you to buy their course and sit home. It gives a person a FAKE sense of accomplishment. Be aware and win.

Guest Post Author: Kyle Brattan and http://FierceDigital.US