GASP! (Google Ads Strategy Plan)

Would you start a business without a plan? Build a house without a blueprint? No, you wouldn’t. Then why launch a Google Ads campaign without a strategy?

Our GASP! process ensures that your Google Ads campaigns launch with your best, most profitable service, target your optimal locations and lead with a compelling offer. We accomplish this with advanced research, state of the art tools and years of Google Ads experience.

Ready to Grow Your Agency?



Kick Off Call with Strategist

Work with a Specialist

Identify Ideal Services

Market your Best Service

Determine Geographic Targeting

Target the Ideal Location

Competitor Analysis Video

Know Your Market Position

Offer Creation

Lead with a Strong Offer

Budget Recommendation

Know Your Ad Spend Options

Lead Quality and Cost Per Lead Projection

Set Your Baseline KPI’s

Review Findings

Launch Your Google Ads Campaign with Confidence

How to Get Started


Why should I utilize the GASP! Process?

GASP! optimizes your chances for a fast and successful Google Ads campaign launch.

How long will the GASP! process take?

About 5 business days.