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No Adwords Account or Lead Generation Campaign is too large or too small. We've successfully built PPC lead generation and shopping campaigns for agencies and businesses since 2003. We are driven to succeed, we communicate like crazy and have at least two people assigned to you - a Marketing Manager and Adwords Experts. Unlike other agencies - our Marketing Managers work for you!

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Hello - I'm Mark Kelly, also known as That Adwords Guy. I founded Inbound Revenue to help Agencies, Web Designers, SEO's and businesses with Adwords Management & Lead Generation.  
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  • We Handle Direct & Agency Clients
  • Monthly Investment As Low As $249/mo
  • No Contracts
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    Campaigns Launched in 5 Business Days
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    Search, Shopping, Display & Remarketing Campaigns
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    Continual Optimizations
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    Free Unbounce Landing Page
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    Free Call Tracking with CallRail
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    Detailed Monthly Reports
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    Unlimited Email and Skype Support
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     Two People Assigned to Your Campaigns
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    Marketing Manager Who Works For You
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    World Class Tools
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    100% Focused on Quality Leads

Inbound Revenue Technology Partners

Unbounce Landing Pages for Adwords
Adwords Management & Lead Generation
CallRail Integration for Adwords
Monthly Adwords Reports
Competitor and Adwords Keyword Research Tools
Monitor User Behavior on Landing Pages

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One Easy Trick to Stop Wasting Google Ads Spend

Is your Google Ads account bleeding cash? A simple change could help. In account after account we find this one setting (cleverly hidden by Google) can make an immediate difference. "Location Options" In a search campaign this can be found in the Location section. Click on the Location Options. (see below) By default, the TOP option will be checked. Notice this is (recomme [...]

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Selling PPC Lesson 6: How To Price Your PPC Services

Selling PPC Lesson 6: How ToPrice Your PPC ServicesTime to get serious now! You’ve decided that you are going to start offering PPC services to your clients. Now the question is, how do you price your PPC services.Below are some questions you can ask and models you can use to baseline your pricing.Questions to Ask Yourself :Are you including this service as part of a package [...]

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Selling PPC Lesson 5: Pick a Niche and Work It

Selling PPC Lesson 5:Pick a Niche and Work ItNiching down, or serving a specific type of business,  is an emerging trend in Digital Marketing. A niche agency can be defined as one that only serves a specific industry. A good example would be a digital agency that only serves HVAC companies.6 Reasons to Niche DownThere are a variety of advantages to working in a single nich [...]

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Selling PPC Lesson 4: How To Find Prospects

Selling PPC Lesson 4:How To Find ProspectsThere’s two ideal types of clients you should pursue for PPC Services.Those who ARE running Google Ads already and those who SHOULD BE running Google Ads.In other chapters I’ll discuss how to pursue a particular niche. For right now let's’ keep it general. Later when you have (or perhaps haven’t) chosen a niche, you can go stric [...]

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Selling PPC Lesson 3: Target the Right Type of Client

Selling PPC Lesson 3: Target the Right Type of Client When I look for ideal PPC clients I tend to look at two factors. The prospects niche and the size of their business. I do not want to imply that only these niches work. Or only businesses of a certain size will become good clients. We have taken on clients that would seem to be in less than ideal niches and they have had f [...]

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