Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Landing Page and Why Should I Use One?

A landing page is a marketing driven page that will be integrated into your WordPress website or domain. We use landing pages because they are best practice and allow us to both track all leads accurately and A/B test your landing pages.

Do you provide reports?

Yes, we provide a monthly unbranded lead gen PDF report which you can brand and send to your client. This is sent out automatically the 3rd of each month for the previous month.

Can you Audit my Adwords Account?

Yes, we offer a Free PPC Audit to help you close your clients.

Do you require a minimum Adwords budget?

We will recommend a minimum budget or you can request a PPC Performance Projection and you will have a max budget that you can recommend to your client, as well as the number of leads and estimated cost per lead.

What niches have you worked in?

We have been working with Adwords for many, many years and have worked in almost every niche. We do have a Top 50 PPC Niches report available - please request it!

What kinds of industries do you serve?

We offer white label adwords to marketing agencies, website designers, SEO experts and any marketing with a client base who needs to offer PPC Services. We LOVE to work with niche agencies.

What countries do you work in?

Primarily the US & Canada but we have international clients as well in the UK, Australia and will consider working with any agency that is a good fit.

Do You Require a Contract?

No, we do not require a contract. All engagements are month to month.

Do you do eCommerce Campaigns?

We are primarily a lead generation agency but will consider eCommerce clients on a case by case basis.

Are Landing Pages Included?

Yes, a landing page is included with your campaign and additional LPs can be built for a small fee.

How Long Does it Take to Build My Campaign?

We commit to a 10 day launch and typically launch in 5 days after receiving  your input form.

Can You Fix My Adwords Campaign?

We always rebuild Adwords campaigns using best practices and the campaign structures that have worked for us over hundreds of successful accounts.

How Long Will It Take to See Leads?

This depends but leads usually start flowing very quickly and if they don’t, we have processes for dealing with that.

Can I just buy leads from you?

No - we build full Adwords campaigns - we don’t sell leads.

How Long Have You Been Providing White Label PPC Services?

We have experience dating back to 2003. Inbound Revenue was launched in 2014.

Do you stay “behind the scenes” with our clients?

Yes, you interface with your clients, we interface with you unless you prefer a different approach.

Can you do all kinds of Adwords campaigns?

Yes, we run all types of Google Ads campaigns - Search, Display, Remarketing, YouTube and Shopping.

What is included in your flat rate pricing?

A full campaign build, landing page design and integration, call and lead tracking, a client success manager, weekly optimizations, monthly reporting.

Do you do hourly work, too?

Yes, we offer hourly work through our pre-paid "5 Hour Buckets".

How do you access my clients Adwords account?

We request access to your MCC or Adwords account via our MCC.

Can you create the account for me?

We can do that for you and  your client.

Do you require a minimum number of clients to work with us?

We do not have a minimum, but do offer price breaks for 5 and 10+ accounts with us.

Can I send you a client and just earn a commission?

Yes, we offer a 15% commission on all client referrals.