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7 Google Ads Sales Mistakes
The Google Ads Lead Generation Academy NewsletterA big thank you to our affiliate partners. These are products we vouch for[...]
Conversions Ain’t Leads
A big thank you to our affiliate partners. These are products we vouch for and use every day on hundreds[...]
One Easy Trick to Stop Wasting Google Ads Spend
Is your Google Ads account bleeding cash? A simple change could help. In account after account we find this one[...]
Selling PPC Lesson 6: How To Price Your PPC Services
Selling PPC Lesson 6: How ToPrice Your PPC ServicesTime to get serious now! You’ve decided that you are going to[...]
Selling PPC Lesson 5: Pick a Niche and Work It
Selling PPC Lesson 5:Pick a Niche and Work ItNiching down, or serving a specific type of business,  is an emerging[...]
Selling PPC Lesson 4: How To Find Prospects
Selling PPC Lesson 4:How To Find ProspectsThere’s two ideal types of clients you should pursue for PPC Services.Those who ARE[...]
Selling PPC Lesson 3: Target the Right Type of Client
Selling PPC Lesson 3: Target the Right Type of Client When I look for ideal PPC clients I tend to[...]
Selling PPC Lesson 2: Lean on Inbound Revenue for Credibility
Selling PPC Lesson 2: Lean on Inbound  Revenue for Credibility I have the tremendous opportunity to speak with a lot of[...]
Selling PPC Lesson 1: Why Sell PPC Services?
Selling PPC Lesson 1: Why Sell PPC Services? You opened your agency to design websites, or do SEO, or perhaps[...]
Mark Featured On “Make Each Click Count” Podcast
Listen in on The Make Each Click Count PodcastAndy & I discussed the differences between usingGoogle Ads for Professional Services[...]
Google Ads Covid-19 Credits
Check for Google Ads Credits!Google has begun issuing Covid credits to qualifying Adwords Accounts.The credits are easy to find in[...]
The Art of the PPC Niche
Find A Niche & Work It! Agency Owners,Have you noticed the big trend in digital marketing agencies these days? The trend[...]
What is ROAS?
Marketing Acronyms: What's ROAS?  ROAS = Return On Ad SpendReturn on Ad Spend is a simple way to assess the[...]
Top 5 Google Ads Bidding Strategies
Top 4 Google Ads Bidding Strategies (And When To Use Them)Google Ads bidding can be confusing and frustrating to understand[...]
Google Ads For Dentists
Google Ads For Dentists Google Ads for dentists is a vital marketing aspect all dental practices need to consider. If you[...]
Keyword Research Tips For Lead Generation
Keyword Research Tips For PPC Lead Generation In the same way that you need a good foundation to build a house,[...]
Online Lead Generation With Google Ads
Online Lead Generation With Google Ads Where to start with ppc lead generationIf you're looking to grow your business  through online[...]
White Label PPC Marketing – The Fastest Way to Grow your Agency In 2020
Why Your Agency Needs White Label PPC Marketing In 2020 If you own or are considering starting a digital marketing agency,[...]
Digital Marketing For Landscapers
Digital Marketing For Landscapers Tips to grow your landscaping business with online lead generationDigital Marketing For Landscapers: Grow your landscaping business[...]
What is Digital Marketing? (and why it’s vital to your business growth)
  What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is the process of using various marketing platforms and techniques to generate more[...]
Adwords Campaign Management
Google AdWords Campaign ManagementExpert guide to professional level Adwords campaign managementGoogle Adwords is a powerful online marketing platform that allows[...]
Google Ads for Lawyers
Google Ads for Lawyers Pros & Cons of using Google Ads for lawyers  PPC Lead Generation for Lawyers  Google Ads[...]
What Makes a Good Landing Page
Simple Landing Design Page TipsBest Landing Page Design practices and pro tips to quickly boost conversion ratesThere are many factors[...]
PPC Marketing for Home Builders
Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips for Home Builders  Marketing made easy for Home Builders ​ In an ultra competitive industry[...]
PPC Pricing Article
2020 PPC Pricing Models - Which One Works Best For You?Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about all the[...]
FAQ: How Do I Use Adwords to Drive Roofing Leads
FAQ: How Do I Use Adwords to Drive Roofing LeadsThis is a question I run across quite often on forums[...]
Grow Your Agency with 10 Great PPC Niches
Agency Potholes Your goal is to do great marketing work for your clients, no matter what business they are in..[...]
What is a Sales Lead?
Before we start trying to generate sales leads, it might be a good idea to define what a sales lead[...]
What Are Business Leads And How To Get Them Rolling In
Revenue is the fuel for every successful company, and every current client started at some point as a "lead". But how do you define a lead? There are many different thoughts on that. For our purposes I'd suggest this definition...
A Small Budget SEO Case Study
Starting from zero to ranking in 90 days for competitive, national keywords. We had a valued, but small budget client,[...]
Business Digital Marketing 101
Which are the Most Effective Digital Marketing Channels: