Digital Marketing For Landscapers

Digital Marketing For Landscapers 

Tips to grow your landscaping business with online lead generation

Digital Marketing for landscapers

Digital Marketing For Landscapers: Grow your landscaping business online

Digital Marketing is an essential part to running and growing any successful business - landscaping is not exception. To help boost digital marketing for landscapers success rate.  I selected the top four tips to yield the most success

In fact, landscapers are some of the most ideal candidates to run successful digital marketing campaigns and typically see results fast. 

In 2020, growing your landscaping business has never been easier. It's an indisputable fact that people in your area are searching for landscapers online and if you're not advertising, not only are you missing out on valuable leads and new customers but you're allowing your competitors to have a huge advantage if they decide to get in the digital marketing game before you. There's nothing wrong with traditional advertising methods such as door hangers and flyers but those can only take you so far. If you're serious about taking your landscaping business to the next level digital marketing is a must.  Below are the top  digital marketing tips for landscapers.

Digital Marketing For Landscapers Tip 1: Have a great website 

The first thing you need is a great website, and it may come as a relief that you don't actually need to shell out thousands of dollars to make this happen.  A website shows your online presence and establishes a new level of professionalism and online credibility. Your customers want to learn about your business, they want to know your qualifications. A great website shows you're a legitimate business, and you take  

How to make it happen:

There a fantastic tools that make building a website simple, no programming background required. I recommend WordPress as it's by far the best option for high quality websites with the easiest interface to use. Now if you have no tech background whatsoever you may still find WordPress overwhelming but don't fret - YouTube has an almost infinite amount of tutorials that can help you build a beautiful website from scratch. 

Digital Marketing For Landscapers Tip 2: 

Use Google My Business 

Google my business is the next essential piece to compliment your website and boost your landscaping digital marketing efforts. It gives you a google listing that you've likely seen 1000's of  times when searching for any business in your area - it displays your business hours, address, reviews, and much more! It's one of the easiest and most powerful things you can do to grow your business. 

How to make it happen: 

It's extremely easy to set up simply and you can take the first step here  ​​you'll just need to fill out all applicable information about your business and get a verification code from google to confirm your business address. 

Digital Marketing For Landscapers Tip 3: 

Start with Google Ads Search Campaigns

This is where the fun begins. Google Ads is an extremely powerful marketing tool that allows you to advertise your landscaping company on google via ppc marketing. PPC or pay-per-click operates exactly as it sounds - you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, you control your budget on a monthly and daily basis and one of the most appealing aspects is you can pause/restart your campaigns at anytime! This is perfect for landscapers due to the seasonal aspects surrounding the industry

How to make it happen:

You'll need to create a Gmail account and set up a Google Ads account through it. You can do this here Google ads is an advanced platform that takes time to get to a professional level at but there are countless tutorials, guides, and googles FREE certification program that make it possible to take your landscape marketing to the next level. 


Digital Marketing For Landscapers Tip 4: 

Boost Your Local SEO

The last starter tip to grow your landscaping business online is to optimize your website for local seo. All seo means is using techniques to boost your website organically in search engine results for specific keywords such as "landscaper near me"  - this is different from ppc as you don't pay when some clicks on an organic link meaning organic traffic & leads are free-although you still need to put the time/money in to make it work correctly..  This is great for small local businesses because the level of competition is much lower in a small geographic area than an entire state or country.  You can get your business and website in the local map pack that displays when businesses are in close proximity to the searcher. 

How to make it happen: 

Put yourself in your customers shoes and ask yourself this question "If I was looking for a landscaping company in X area, how would I find them?"  This is the starting point for keyword research - identifying words or phrases that you want to show up for when someone is looking for your business. Geo-keywords are the most vital aspects of local seo basically a good mix of your industry and town/city names you want to work in. Other factors that help local seo are have clear contact information on your website including a name, phone number, and email as well as links to other local businesses i.e. local link building. This shows google your transparent and have a presence in the community you work in.  

Need some extra help?

We know it's not easy running a business and trying to learn everything that goes into digital marketing.  As an digital marketing agency we've helped countless landscaping companies grow their business to a level they never thought possible. If you're interested in some extra help and would like to outsource your marketing to an agency dedicated to your success schedule a free consultation today!