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One Easy Trick to Stop Wasting Google Ads Spend

Is your Google Ads account bleeding cash?A simple change could help. In account after account we find this one setting (cleverly hidden by Google) can make an immediate difference. “Location Options” In a search campaign this can be found in the Location section. Click on the Location Options. (see below) By default, the TOP option will be […]

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Selling PPC Lesson 6: How To Price Your PPC Services

Selling PPC Lesson 6: How ToPrice Your PPC Services Time to get serious now! You’ve decided that you are going to start offering PPC services to your clients. Now the question is, how do you price your PPC services.Below are some questions you can ask and models you can use to baseline your pricing. Questions […]

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Selling PPC Lesson 5: Pick a Niche and Work It

Selling PPC Lesson 5:Pick a Niche and Work It Niching down, or serving a specific type of business,  is an emerging trend in Digital Marketing. A niche agency can be defined as one that only serves a specific industry. A good example would be a digital agency that only serves HVAC companies. 6 Reasons to […]

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Selling PPC Lesson 4: How To Find Prospects

Selling PPC Lesson 4:How To Find Prospects There’s two ideal types of clients you should pursue for PPC Services.Those who ARE running Google Ads already and those who SHOULD BE running Google Ads.In other chapters I’ll discuss how to pursue a particular niche. For right now let’s’ keep it general. Later when you have (or […]

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Selling PPC Lesson 1: Why Sell PPC Services?

Selling PPC Lesson 1: Why Sell PPC Services? You opened your agency to design websites, or do SEO, or perhaps branding. So why even bother selling PPC services?The good news is that is an easy question to answer! As a matter of fact, there are so many answers I have to list them below.For now, […]

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Mark Featured On “Make Each Click Count” Podcast

Listen in on The Make Each Click Count PodcastAndy & I discussed the differences between usingGoogle Ads for Professional Services and eCommerceListen to the PodcastHelp Your Clients Answer These Questions:How Many Leads Can I Expect Each Month?What Will the Leads Cost?What Should My Ad Spend Be?Can I Finally Stop By Low Value Shared Leads?Inbound Revenue […]

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Google Ads Covid-19 Credits

Check for Google Ads Credits!Google has begun issuing Covid credits to qualifying Adwords Accounts.The credits are easy to find in your Adwords Account or MCC – just lookfor the below:In you own Adwords Account you can look for your credit underTools & Settings->Billing->PromotionsListen in on The Make Each Click Count PodcastAndy & I discussed the […]

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The Art of the PPC Niche

Find A Niche & Work It!  Agency Owners,Have you noticed the big trend in digital marketing agencies these days? The trend is all heading towards owning and running Niche Agencies.The advantages of the Niche Agency are many, according to experts such as Josh Nelson, of the 7 Figure Agency.On his website and in his book […]

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