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Become a PPC Reseller

Become a PPC Reseller, Focus on Sales and Let Our Experts Do the Hard WorkIdeal for SEO Companies, Marketing Consultants, Web Designers And Ad Agencies CAL​​L 336-552-8862 Why Top Agencies Trust Our Complete PPC/Adwords Services Our ProcessesInbound Revenue follows tried and tested processes for World Class Adwords Campaign performance. These processes include.The first step is […]

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FAQ: How Do I Use Adwords to Drive Roofing Leads

FAQ: How Do I Use Adwords to Drive Roofing LeadsThis is a question I run across quite often on forums and Facebook. Everyone knows roofing contractors tend to advertise and are in a very competitive market. They also have to face competition from outside companies that swoop into the local market after a storm. I’m not […]

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Grow Your Agency with 10 Great PPC Niches

Adword Niches

Agency Potholes Your goal is to do great marketing work for your clients, no matter what business they are in.. But that’s a road riddled with potholes. Potholes? You bet. Pothole 1 – convincing the client that your marketing experience applies in their completely unique and different business (you know, plumbing) Pothole 2 – the […]

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What is a Sales Lead?

Before we start trying to generate sales leads, it might be a good idea to define what a sales lead is. According to the Business Dictionary a sales lead is: “Inquiry, referral, or other information, obtained through advertisements or other means, that identifies a potential customer (prospect).” In the real world I guess you’d sale […]

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A Small Budget SEO Case Study

Starting from zero to ranking in 90 days for competitive, national keywords. We had a valued, but small budget client, approach us about SEO for their work order management app solution. We reviewed the opportunity and proposed a smart plan that met their limited budget. What We Did We started by learning the clients key […]

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