Grow Your Agency with 10 Great PPC Niches

Adword Niches

Agency Potholes

Your goal is to do great marketing work for your clients, no matter what business they are in.. But that’s a road riddled with potholes.

Potholes? You bet.

Pothole 1 – convincing the client that your marketing experience applies in their completely unique and different business (you know, plumbing)

Pothole 2 – the learning curve – not just the normal learning curve of working with a new client – but a new industry with its own jargon, market, expectations & digital marketing IQ.

Pothole 3 –  If you hit a really big pothole, embrace the experience

The Niche myth

Consultants are making HUGE bucks teaching newbie marketing entrepreneurs to pursue a single niche. The theory is great – just think – you will never have to learn any new keywords, you’ll know the lingo and you can roll out the same campaign over and over again. Imagine – you can be the Plumber Marketing Guy! (or gal)

But what happens if the plumber refers you to a roofer, or to the guy who installed your pool? Do you turn down the business?

What if 10 other Plumber Marketing Guys open up shop?

Be careful of niching down so small that your agency becomes a hobby!

What is a Marketing Niche?

There are two ways to niche down in marketing – by service and by industry.

You can niche down your services (like we do at Inbound Revenue) to focus on a single service – such as Adwords Management.

You can also niche down by industry – by serving business that all offer the same (or very similar) services – like Dentists.

You can double-niche by offering one service to one industry.

We call niching down to a single industry “hyper-niching”.

Advantages of “hyper-niching”?

Branding – you can be like my buddy Justin Morgan – who is the Dental Marketing Guy.  Is there any question at all what Justin does?

Way easier to remember “Dental Marketing Guy” than Zone99 Marketing or whichever domain that was still unclaimed on GoDaddy.

No one ever asks questions like… “Have you ever worked in Solar Power before?” It’s a pain to explain that marketing your business service isn’t really much different than marketing rodent removal or sperm banks.

10 Good PPC Niches

Ta Da!   10 amazingly profitable PPC niches you can target in your market

Roofing – Factors that make this a good niche include the high value of a roofing client, independently owned local firms and service that can have a fair degree of urgency. Roofing is a business that attracts serious, intent driven searches.

Plumbing – Urgency. You only call a plumber for two reasons – you are getting prices on a project or you have water (or worse) puddling up in your living spaces.

Dental Insurance – An under-served market, lots of search traffic and a health insurance market that isn’t over-regulated.

Dentists – Practices are becoming very marketing focused and competitive. They offer a nice variety of services (checkups, implants, teeth whitening, emergency dental, even braces) and a high lifetime client value.

HVAC – Residential HVAC repairs/replacements are expensive and commercial customers are prized by HVAC firms. A high degree of urgency for the consumer.

Auto Transport – More search traffic than you would think, a high ticket price service and still a pretty wide open market for agencies to tap into.

Locksmith – Google has really locked down the locksmith category in Adwords – requiring a fairly extensive approval process for locksmith advertisers in many states. This represents an opportunity for agencies willing to walk locksmiths through this process and reduces the local competition for a business with plenty of local search in any decent sized city.

Legal – Still tons of opportunity in Adwords for legal search – also a niche that has multiple potential sub-niches – DUI, injury law, family, etc. One thing that hasn’t changed – the click costs are high and you may compete against agencies who specialize in campaigns for lawyers & attorneys.

Airport Transport – Any community with a busy local airport has folks needing a ride. This is especially true in business hubs and areas with a tourist market that skews older (and wealthier – think Florida or the southwest). Target the limo and ride services. Avoid “taxi” searches.

Commercial Cleaning – A perfect niche for PPC – good search volume, a client who offers a variety of profitable services, high lifetime client value.

Prepare Your Agency for Growth

Adwords and PPC Management isn’t for the faint of heart.

Providing great service requires more than an Adwords Certification – you need a skilled, experienced team member focused 100% on paid search, landing pages, conversion rate optimization who has a knack for understanding business..

Grow your agency by offering PPC to you current client base, especially if you serve any of the niches listed in this article.

Promote the bottom line advantages of lead generation with Adwords – it can open doors to business that are traditionally resistant to marketing.

Can’t handle the work yourself? Here’s a shameless plug – Inbound Revenue specializes in White Label Adwords for Agencies – you don’t need to know Adwords – you have an expert team of ppc specialists and landing page designers standing behind you.

Do the work you can – outsource the work you can’t. And Grow.

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