Google Ads For Dentists

Google Ads For Dentists 

Google Ads for dentists is a vital marketing aspect all dental practices need to consider. If you own or plan on starting a dental practice, the first question that comes to mind is likely "how am I supposed to get new clients?" Sure you might be an outstanding dentist and understand the industry inside out, but without being tied to an established brand with public credibility, it's much harder to find and retain clients than many new business owners realize.  Tie that to the fact that not only do you need consistent new clients but you'll also need to compete with local and thriving dental offices. 

But there's some good news here too. Google Ads is an extremely powerful marketing platform that allows endless start ups to be found by customers on a daily basis. In 2020 it's never been easier to grown your dental practice and get new clients in the door. 

Below I'm going to outline an expert level google ads marketing tips for dentists, so you can focus on all aspects of your practice while know your digital marketing is set up for success. 

Start with the basics 

Understand how google ads operates and take Google's free certification course. Google has done an excellent job of constantly revamping their course material to help anyone and everyone become a Google Ads expert (if they want to put in the time and work) On the surface Google Ads can seem very complicated and overwhelming even when you have a basic understanding of the material. There's no experience quite as good as hands on but becoming certified will give you the confidence to take the leap and start advertising on the most powerful marketing platform out there. Check out there certification course here.

Have a Plan 

Now that you've reviewed the course material and passed the certification exam, your marketing foundation has been created.  Now it's time to plan out exactly how your marketing campaigns will operate, who your target clients are, where you want your ads to show up and what service or services you'd like to promote. 

Keyword Research (start small) 

Next you'll need to use a keyword research tool to find the words or phrases that you'd like your dental office to show up for when someone searches for dentists in your target location.  I recommend google's free free keyword planner but there are countless out there that will give you the same amount of data, that paid versions of these platforms are worth the money  for marketing agencies but i'd say the keyword planner is more than sufficient for a local dental office trying to generate new customers. When conducting your research it's a great idea to refer back to your plan as much as possible, if you need to promote a specific service such as "teeth whitening" then it would make the most sense to have a campaign solely dedicated to that service. 

Write your ads

Writing your ads is one of the most important parts of this whole process because it's the only thing your potential customers actually see,  if your ads suck then the above three steps don't matter too much.  A few best practices to implement regardless of the service or even industry  is having a clear call to action in headline 1 and making your ad copy as relevant to the keywords you're advertising on as possible and linking them to a landing page that is relevant to the keywords and ad copy. If you take nothing else away for this post, that would be one of the most important.  Google's entire platform is based off this concept and for good reason. Google's dominance in the best search engine race isn't by accident. People trust google to give them exactly what they're searching for, fast! If people started having a difficult time finding answers to their questions or problems they would likely search for alternatives so it's in Google's best interest to maintain relevancy as one of the most important aspects of your advertising and it's in your best interest to keep google happy (if you want to have success on their platform)  

Look after your hard work

Now that you've taken the certification course, created a marketing plan, conducted keyword research, and wrote some fantastic ads. It's time to launch your campaign and look after your hard work.  On a daily basis you should spend at least 10-15 minutes monitoring your campaigns and understand exactly how your campaigns are performing and making changes to keep increase your results.  This can be done by reviewing your search terms and making sure they're accurate to your keywords and increasing or decreasing bids to spend more money on keywords bring in customers and less money on keywords bringing in junk, adding negative keywords, bid adjustments, testing new ad copy variations and much more! 

Need Some extra help? 

Above are some of the best tips to set you up for Google Ads success but there's much more that goes into running successful campaigns outside of what's been addressed in this article. If you're looking dental marketing at a professional level. reachout to use anytime for a free consultation!