PPC Marketing for Home Builders

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips for Home Builders

 Marketing made easy for Home Builders

In an ultra competitive industry like home building, you need to stay ahead of the curve on all marketing fronts in order to beat out your competitors and maintain constant cash flow. As a Digital Marketing agency, we understand how quickly marketing treads change and evolve and we're here to give you 10 actionable tips that any pro home builders can apply to their business immediately to maximize your online viability and generate qualified home building leads. 


Keyword Research

As a home building professional, you understand better than anyone the exact words or phrases someone would use when searching for your business, but as any marketer will tell you there's always room to expand. Keyword planners such as keywords everywhere & Google's keyword planner are extremely valuable assets for planning out your ppc marketing campaigns. You can discover cost per click estimates and search volume for each keyword allowing you to plan out where you want to allocate  your budget, but most importantly these tools allow you to generate new keyword ideas to continue the expansion of your home builder marketing efforts. 


Competitor Research

When you've exhausted the keyword planners but still need a leg up on competitors tools like spyfu and SEMrush are extremely powerful platforms that allow you to see exactly what keywords your competitors are ranking for organically and targeting in their ppc campaigns. You can also take a cheaper route and simply google the keywords you're looking to targeting and identify who's showing up in your area. This is fantastic for getting ad copy ideas and brainstorming ways you can stand out above our local home building companies. 


Create a Promo code for your Ads

One thing traditional marketing identified a long time ago is everyone loves a deal. How many times have you been tempted to purchase something that ordinarily would have crossed your mind, simply because there was a big bold 50% off  sign above it? Creating promo codes, and limited time offers give your potential customers a sense of urgency combined with a great deal. Get creative and come up with an offer that makes sense for your business model. 


Negative Keywords

In addition to finding keywords  that are beneficial to your business, negative keywords are those that would be a waste to spend money on. Unfortunately this is a huge mistake many inexperienced business owners make when trying to set up their own marketing campaigns. If you target fantastic keyword such as "Home building company near me"  without proper knowledge of match types and negative keywords, you'll end up showing for all sorts of irreverent searches such as "how do I start a home building company"  and "home building companies hiring" both searches are similar to your target keyword but have much different intent that what a paying customer would be. 


Social Media Presence

You may think it's silly to have a facebook or twitter page for your home builders company but the metrics don't lie it's estimated that 254 million people use social media in the united states alone. These accounts are free to set up and the fact that so many people are on these platforms makes it downright foolish not to utilize them. People love sharing pictures of themselves doing anything and everything that includes buying a new house and giving the home building company responsible free promotion.



If you're not actively asking your previous clients for testimonies you're missing out on a huge potential to grow your business. People trust the option of the masses. If someone searches for a home building company and your competitor has 100 five star reviews while you have none, you're not likely to performance very well against them. Without testimonies you're leaving precious home building leads on the table for your competitors. If you provide quality work many people will be happy to leave a review especially on such a profound purchase as a home .  


Google My Business Page

Google my business is the page that likely appears when you search for any local restaurant or business in your area. It's extremely easy to set up and allows your business to be eligible for all sorts of awesome marketing perks including a clickable phone number, displaying your business hours, location, reviews, and much more. To create a GMB page simply search the phrase "google my business" and click the create an account prompt. This small step alone can create amazing growth for your company. 



This is a more advanced tip than the above steps but it's a fantastic one. If you've ever visited a website or clicked an ad and noticed the business following your around the internet , you've already been exposed to remarketing without even realizing it. Remarketing gives you the chance to recapture potential leads from people whom have already shown interest in your company. For such a big purchase like finding a home builder, it's extremely unlikely someone will purchase your service upon first exposure. Remarkeing allows your to stay in consideration of a potential buy and gives your company a larger than life feel. since not many people have any clue what remarkting is, they'll associate your business with whatever website they see your ads on such as YouTube, Facebook, amazon and any other giant brands. 


Clear Visible Contact Info

This is a simple tip but a powerful one. If you have a website (bonus tip, if you don't get one)  your business phone number, email, and any other desired contact methods should be displayed boldly at the top of the page, giving all potential customers a clear easy method to reach out to you. 


Know your Audience

Last but not least is your audience. Every industry including home builders, is broken down into sub niches that can be targeted. To compliment your marketing efforts you should be asking yourself who are your ideal customers? This can be achieved in various ways such as demographics, house hold income, etc. Do you specialize in building luxury homes, log cabins, one story or two story homes? The more you can refine your audience the less competition there will be and the more you can tailor your service to resonate with their personality type and build trust in your brand.

Need Extra Help? 

The above 10 tips will with out a doubt increase your home builder marketing efforts ten-fold but we understand  it's no small task for you to juggle  managing  your business and building high performing google ads campaigns. If you need some helping actioning the above tips and much more, from a dedicated team of true marketing professionals reach out to us anytime for a 100% FREE consultation.