Selling PPC Lesson 2: Lean on Inbound Revenue for Credibility

Selling PPC Lesson 2: Lean on Inbound 

Revenue for Credibility

I have the tremendous opportunity to speak with a lot of agency owners/marketing consultants who are selling, or at least trying to, sell PPC services.

There are challenges, of course. Many of our agency clients offer a wide variety of services and may have never even run an Adwords campaign.

I can offer you a solution for that. Just lean on Inbound Revenue’s experience, results and processes.

When you sell a Mercedes you aren’t out on a limb, just Joe or Jill or Ali selling a car, you have the reputation of Mercedes behind you, and even the widely known German engineering. You are leaning on the credibility of Mercedes, not just your sales skills.

I’m not suggesting that Inbound Revenue is like Mercedes. But I am suggesting that you can lean on our:

  • Knowledge of the best available niches for PPC
  • Processes
  • Results
  • Sales Tools

Knowledge of PPC Niches

I started with Knowledge of the Best PPC Niches, because this is huge when it comes to selling PPC. If a niche is ideal for PPC, then it's very likely that your client will be successful, you will retain them long term and you will be in a position to upsell them your other services.

To learn more, request our list of Top 50 PPC Niches and advanced release of my upcoming book on the same subject at this link. Yes, there is so much to cover about niches that it takes an entire book.

This doesn’t mean you necessarily have to niche down to a single niche, though there are definite advantages to this. But it does mean that if you are selling into a niche that is a great fit for PPC then you are far more likely to have an easy time pitching the service and retaining the client.


Ok - processes are boring. So why am I talking about processes as part of the sales process.

There are two really good reasons.

The first is that you probably don’t have really good processes built around onboarding a new PPC client, building and launching their campaign, following up, optimizing and reporting. This is where you get to leverage our highly tuned processes. Literally just repeat exactly what we do. You can learn more about our processes here.

The second reason is that when you discuss your processes with potential clients, they get a comfortable feeling about working with you. Oh, these guys aren’t winging it. They have done this before and they know exactly what they are doing. 

There’s actually a decent 3rd reason, as well. You will inevitably pick up some clients who want to do things their way. Most likely a small business owner who thinks they know Adwords or who have run their own campaigns. Since you have already discussed your detailed processes with the client before they signed on, you can now gently re-direct them back towards doing things your way (well, our way, really).

The best line to use in this case is often “We want you to hold us responsible for results. That means we have to follow the processes that have been successful for us with hundreds of other clients."


Marketing as an industry tends to have a problem.

Poor or non-existent results.

And this isn’t always our fault. When I say “ours” I mean us, collectively,  as marketers.

Some marketing tactics are not really designed to drive highly measurable results that can be captured in a KPI. (Key Performance Metric). Examples of this are branding and promoting a strong social media presence.These are perfectly good marketing tactics, but not ones that are going to generate a short term flow of calls/leads.

The beauty of a well designed PPC campaign targeting a solid niche is that you can usually promise at least a minimum level of results. And with the sales tools we outline below you can often estimate their ad spend and potential results pretty accurately.

Sales Tools

We have an entire upcoming chapter/post/video devoted to the sales tools we offer, but I’ll give you a quick overview now.

PPC Audit - Is the prospect running Adwords now? If so, an easy way to convert them is to offer a Free PPC Audit. All you have to do is complete the form at this page and we hand generate a detailed PPC Audit for your client, which we can review with you so you know exactly how to present it.

PPC Performance Projections - this tool allows us to generate a detailed report estimating your prospects maximum ad spend budget, number of leads that they can generate and the cost per lead. This is a HUGE tool for converting someone thinking about doing Adwords into a paying client. You can find that sales tool at this link.

Next I will dive deeper into selecting ideal PPC clients to target