White Label PPC Marketing – The Fastest Way to Grow your Agency In 2020

Why Your Agency Needs White Label PPC Marketing In 2020 

If you own or are considering starting a digital marketing agency, White label PPC marketing is one of the fastest ways to expand your services, maintain a steady income, and reach a new client base.  In the article below I'll explain what exactly white label marketing entails and why it's so important for your marketing agency to adopt. 

What Is White Label PPC Marketing? 

White labeling is an old business tactic that in it's essence,  is a product or service produced by one company that other companies rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.

This works extremely well in the digital marketing realm due to the vast amount of services available in the industry. Partnering with an agency that offers related services but is not a direct competitor, and providing a service for their clients that they can't provide themselves is the foundation of white label marketing. 

So what's "ppc"  you're probably wondering and where does it fit in? We'll PPC is very easy to understand it's a type of digital marketing and stands for "Pay-Per-Click".  It operates exactly as it sounds. It allows businesses of all kinds to advertise popular search engines and only pay when someone clicks on their ad. The two most popular platforms for ppc marketing are Google Ads and Bing Ads.  

The most common forms of digital marketing offered by agencies are seo, social media, ppc, and content marketing. But most agencies don't have the resources to provide quality service in all the related areas - which is where the opportunity lies. 

Top Four Reasons To Offer White Label PPC

Offer More Services 

The most obvious benefit of white label ppc is expanding the services your agency can offer. For example, if an agency specializes in great content marketing you can trade services with them thus forming a mutually beneficial and harmonious relationship - each agency gets to expand their services, become exposed to new clients and take full credit for all work even if it outsourced and provided by another company. 

Increase Client Retention 

The more you outsource services the more time you can dedicate to important aspects of your business such as growth - and customer retention is the most important aspect of growth. White Label marketing allows you to focus more on client communication, and customer relationship management. One of the most overlooked parts of running any business is communicating what  work has been done successfully to your client. 

Boost Your Brand 

Increasing your brand's recognition is kind of a side benefit to white labeling.  The more agencies you partner with the more your influence, authority, and brand credibility increases. You can now utilize the sheer volume of agencies you've worked with as a selling point creating a snowball effect and giving start ups and established brands alike trust in your company, and also keep increasing the rates you're able to charge.

Attractive To More Clients 

Lastly but certainly not least it's appealing to your clients! We've all been in situations where a client asks "Hey do you also offer x service?" If you don't but can find someone who does, that's the core of white label marketing. Your clients want to expand their businesses and it's much more manageable for your clients to keep everything under one agency's roof then to need 2-3 different agencies to do something that one great agency could if they where better at white lableing. 

Looking for extra help? 

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