Selling PPC Lesson 4: How To Find Prospects

Selling PPC Lesson 4:

How To Find Prospects

There’s two ideal types of clients you should pursue for PPC Services.

Those who ARE running Google Ads already and those who SHOULD BE running Google Ads.

In other chapters I’ll discuss how to pursue a particular niche. For right now let's’ keep it general. Later when you have (or perhaps haven’t) chosen a niche, you can go strictly after those businesses, and since you will be selecting a niche that does well with PPC (mostly likely from my Top 50 PPC Niches list) you’ll know that any business in that niche is a great potential PPC client.

So let’s talk about businesses who are currently running Adwords and two great tools to help you find them.

The first tool is very simple and delivers great results, fast!

I Search From.

With this simple tool you can track down business all over the US (and the world) running PPC Ads using just 3 pieces of information:

  • Country
  • Search term
  • City

You have the option to select additional parameters like devices, but those 3 are enough to open a huge window of potential clients for you who are currently already sold on the concept of running Adwords. (but possibly not thrilled with their results, which is where you come in!)

Press “Search” and the results show in a separate window.

And just like that you have found 5 potential clients. Look for the local clients and avoid the huge nationals like ServPro who have an in house marketing team. At least to start.

Now reach out to the owner with a phone call or cold email. You don’t even have to try to sell them anything - just offer a Free PPC Audit. You can perform that audit yourself or reach out to Inbound Revenue as a PPC Reseller and we will generate the unbranded audit for you.

You can duplicate that search in every US city of over 25,000 people and find potential PPC clients.


Another tool you can use, though it requires a paid subscription, is

SpyFu allows you to review the PPC Ad Spend, Ads and Keywords for a website that is advertising on Google.

You can really get some great insights into a potential client's current adwords campaigns and have some advance intelligence before your call, email or meeting.

Here’s an example:

Servpro is a large company and does a lot of advertising (as you can see by their monthly ad spend), but if you scroll down to see competitors you may find smaller potential clients to target.

From this list you can find other restoration advertisers to target, and perhaps offer them a Free PPC Audit as a door opener.

In the next chapter I’ll teach you How to Select a Niche and Work It!