The Art of the PPC Niche

Find A Niche & Work It! 

Agency Owners,

Have you noticed the big trend in digital marketing agencies these days? The trend is all heading towards owning and running Niche Agencies.

The advantages of the Niche Agency are many, according to experts such as Josh Nelson, of the 7 Figure Agency.

On his website and in his book - the Figure Agency Roadmap, Josh talks about the many advantages of running an agency focused on a single niche. The amount of "re-learning" that doesn't have to be done with each new client, the systems that you can set up, the ease of promoting to a niche audience and the authority you can gain in that niche.

Now before you think I've quit my day job to become Josh's spokesperson, I haven't 🙂

I just know from discussions with Josh and working with many niche agency owners it's a great path to increased revenues and decreased headaches.

One constant you will find no matter which niche you go after - offering PPC lead gen services is a key part of servicing your niche.

If you are considering going after a particular niche, and you'd like to see what they Adwords/Bing paid traffic is for the niche in order to help assess your opportunities, please feel free to schedule a call with me at the link below.

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Mark Kelly,

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