Selling PPC Lesson 5: Pick a Niche and Work It

Selling PPC Lesson 5:

Pick a Niche and Work It

Niching down, or serving a specific type of business,  is an emerging trend in Digital Marketing. A niche agency can be defined as one that only serves a specific industry. A good example would be a digital agency that only serves HVAC companies.

6 Reasons to Niche Down

There are a variety of advantages to working in a single niche, including…

  1. 1
    You can present yourself not just as an expert marketer, but an expert marketer for your prospects exact business.
  2. 2
     Your industry knowledge allows for quicker discovery and knowledge of your clients needs, which means you can start delivering results faster. I’ve never met a client who didn’t want to start seeing deliverables as quickly as possible.
  3. 3
    Prospective clients are easy to target
  1. 4
    Many industries have Facebook groups, conventions and associations where you can advertise, attend or buy mailing lists
  2. 5
    You can create unique assets for your niche - such as marketing cheat sheets, Top Keyword reports, etc - and use these as lead magnets
  3. 6
    Almost every industry has email marketing lists available

Are There Any Drawbacks?

While there are many advantages to niching down it should be noted that there are several drawbacks. Many agency owners feel it will limit their ability to serve new clients and accept referrals. There is certainly some validity to these concerns, but overall I’ve seen niche agencies with good sales processes doing extremely well. Also, because they work in one niche and offer those niches a specific set of services, it appears to be less stressful on small teams then working with a wide variety of client types.

So yes, there are drawbacks but they seem to be overshadowed by the advantages.

How to Select A Niche?

That’s a great question, right? What industries make sense to niche into?

This is actually such a complex subject I’m going to deal with in an upcoming book. I will stick to the basics today.

Here are X things to look for in a niche:

  • Does this niche spend money on advertising?
  • How many US businesses exist in that niche?
  • Do they offer services year round, at least in certain areas of the country
  • Does the niche have decent revenues to justify a reasonable monthly marketing budget
  • Do you feel any affinity for the niche? I’m not saying you have to be extremely passionate about it, but I think it helps to at least enjoy the industry and people in the industry

I’ve compiled a list of my Top 50 PPC Niches. I’ll be rolling out a lot of information about these niches soon (there go my weekends) but for now you can see the list here…

I compiled this list based on industries I’ve had success in generated leads, where there is solid transactional or lifetime revenue, with significant need in any decent sized city or town.

A great first start is to schedule a conversation. I’ve found that on a call we can quickly talk through the types of niches that work well for PPC (and which ones don’t work as well), the advantages of one niche over another, revenue potential, etc. Often just a single conversation has launched an agency into the world of the niche!

Once a niche has been selected then our sales support tools can help close deals.

These include our PPC Audit and PPC Performance Projections report

Your agency will work with a single Client Success Manager at Inbound Revenue who will know your niche inside and out as you expand your agency, thus supporting your growth.

A niche surely isn’t a requirement for success for your digital marketing agency, but I have to say I see a lot of niche agencies growing, and growing FAST!

Why? Probably because of the singular focus on one industry that makes the sales AND delivery process far easier along with a determined purpose - to help businesses in your chosen niche grow.

If you decide to niche, there are many excellent resources and systems available, so do your research, niche down and grow!

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