Selling PPC Lesson 1: Why Sell PPC Services?

Selling PPC Lesson 1: Why Sell

PPC Services?

You opened your agency to design websites, or do SEO, or perhaps branding. So why even bother selling PPC services?

The good news is that is an easy question to answer! As a matter of fact, there are so many answers I have to list them below.

For now, don’t worry about HOW to sell PPC, or even WHO to sell PPC services to. We will cover that in this 18 part series -  The Complete Guide to Selling PPC Services.

Let’s focus for now on the advantages to selling PPC services. And there are advantages to YOU and to your CLIENT. A true Win-Win!

Advantages to You:

Recurring Revenue this may be the easiest one. What is better than invoices that go out the same day every month and revenue you can count on before the month has even started? PPC is almost ALWAYS priced as a recurring month service. With 10 PPC clients you could start the month knowing you had thousands in revenue (even after you pay your White Label provider if you outsource the work). Wouldn’t it be great to know you had your basic bills covered each month?

Retention - Our experience with PPC clients is that when the right businesses are targeted and the client generates leads, they will retain on average for over 2 years! We have examples of clients who have been continually sending payments in, month after month, for over 12 YEARS.

A More Connected Client - The more services you effectively offer a client, the harder it is for them to move on to another agency. Offering a one time service like a website build is great, but if you offer them a website, and updates, SEO and PPC for immediate leads, think how many connections you have and how much revenue you are driving for the client, making it MUCH harder for them to move the work in-house or to engage with another agency.

Don’t Risk It! -  If you AREN’T offering PPC services to your client, someone else will. Don’t let another agency or contractor get their foot in the door with your client.

Advantages to Your Clients:

More Engagement with You - Many times a client engages an agency for a single project, but isn’t receiving any ongoing marketing feedback or advice. When they are running PPC you will be speaking to your clients about their offers, their competitors, which leads are converting, etc. All this helps them better understand their sales process, who they are up against and even things as simple as how they answer their phone.

More Business - When done right, PPC Services are going to generate leads - phone calls and form completions - that will help fill their sales funnel and convert into revenue. There is nothing your client likes better than sales and revenue!

More Knowledge - Your client is often focused maniacally on the bottom line. Calls, leads, SALES! That makes sense. But part of an active and ongoing PPC campaign is gaining knowledge about the competitive landscape and the effectiveness of their own internal sales processes.  What types of offers are their competitors offering? Do they offer free estimates, a $100 off the first order? Which other companies are spending money on ads? Have they found a new service or angle that your client could try? How about their internal sales process. Now that the phone is ringing they can start measuring KPI’s - or Key Performance Metrics - such as their sales conversion rate, lead time from call to sale, average revenue. All of this will help them refine and improve their business processes.

When you find a service that offers such a plethora of benefits to both your agency, and your client, you are almost compelled to offer that service! 

Not selling PPC yet? Time to get started.