What Makes a Good Landing Page

Simple Landing Design Page Tips

Best Landing Page Design practices and pro tips to quickly boost conversion rates

There are many factors the go into a great landing page design but it's vital to follow best practices to ensure you're getting the maximum ROI for all your hard work on your ppc campaigns. After all I'd say the entire purpose of a landing page is to maximize your ppc performance and make it as easy as possible for users to become leads. The below steps are guaranteed to increase your performance and gain more leads, traffic, and sales and make the most out of your ppc efforts! 

Use a Simple Layout

A landing page should be simple and present the next step of the sales funnel as quickly as possible. Any quality landing page designer utilizes a simple, easy to navigate landing page design that doesn't allow the searcher to "get lost" and eventually end up bouncing. It displays all the information relevant to the ad and keyword that brought the potential client to the page. 

Have a Great Headline

This is the first thing that catchers any readers eye. A great headline can make or break your entire landing page experience. Flat and dull language in your headline guaranteed to drive some people away. A headline is a great place for offers, promotions, emotional triggers, etc.  

Make Contact Info Easy Available

The third tip for great landing page design is getting the contact info header on the page. Your phone number, email, and any other desired method of contact needs to be easily accessible. Recent statistics have even shown the number of people who bother scrolling down to the bottom of the page is decreasing. Convenience is key in retaining people's attention.  

Ask for minimal information

Another common mistake many people make is asking for too much information in the contact box. Get only the absolute essentials to get in contact with this person. Even if not all the boxes are required, asking for overly personal information is a good way to drive away potential leads. We recommend email, first name, and phone number if necessary. You'll have an opportunity to cover more detailed information on the follow up call or consultation.    

Promote Trust with testimonials

You can promote trust many different ways but it's always a great idea to have some form of social proof, qualifications, and business address clearly displayed on your landing page. Reviews give people  the insight that you provide quality work and have customers satisfied enough to go out of their way and leave a review, awards and qualifications are also fantastic to evoke a higher sense of professionalism and trust. 

A/B split Testing

Testing your ads is a must in order to understand what's yielding the most conversions and how to capitalize on it. Perhaps an alternate background image would decrease the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate, Split testing page variations is the best way conduct experiments just like that to consistently improve results. 

Looking for professional landing page design?

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