Keyword Research Tips For Lead Generation

Keyword Research Tips For PPC Lead Generation 

In the same way that you need a good foundation to build a house, the same principle applies to any Google Ads campaign. Keyword research is the process of identifying the words or phrases you'd like to advertise for and display ads when search queries contain your targeted words or phrases and they are the foundation to any good Google Ads campaign. I'm here to provide you with the top keyword research tips to improve your campaigns from the get go! 

Google Ads uses an auction system that allows businesses to bid on how much they'd like to spend on a click for any given keyword. Keyword research is the time to gather valuable data and estimates to plan out your campaign before building it out and starting your ppc lead generation campaign off strong! 


Keyword Research Tip 1: Get Familiar With Keyword Research Tools

The Google keyword planner might be the best keyword tool out there and the best part is it's 100% free but there' plenty to choose from. Almost all will have a variety of options that allow you to segment your research by location, and get cost per click and search volume estimates. When starting out your research it's a good idea to compile a list of the services you provide then plug in the location you're interested in targeting and see what comes up. You'll likely have many broad keywords loosely similar to the original word.  

The Solution:

If you're ever having trouble coming up with new keyword ideas, check out the grouped tab in the keyword planner. This tab combines keywords into similar groups making it easier to identify a handful of relevant keywords at once

Keyword Research Tip 2:

Choose A Base Keyword 

After reviewing the initial broad research, identify a base keyword that you'd like to build a campaign around. If you're a lawyer that specializes in traffic violations, you're base keyword would likely be "traffic lawyer" there's no correct or incorrect base keyword it's just a way to organize your research and start to understand how to structure your  google ads campaign. 


Keyword Research Tip 3:

Add Long tail variations of your Base Keyword 

Take your base keyword and combine it with purchase intent keywords such as "near me" "in my area"  as well as geographic keywords such as "traffic lawyer NYC" "traffic lawyer LA"  this will help you gauge how much volume there is for high purchase intent keywords in your target area and you can move on to the final set 

Keyword Research Tip 4: put your 

landing page url into the keyword planner 

An awesome way to complete your keyword research is plugging your landing page URL into the keyword planner. This will provide you with the keywords Google associates most with your landing page. This is very valuable because of quality score. Quality score is a system in Google Ads that is used to determine how highly your ad ranks in the search results. If your landing page is associated with keywords relevant to your business this is a good sign that your landing page experience and ad relevance columns with be  above average and give you the best shot to appear high in the search results and generate qualified leads 

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