A Small Budget SEO Case Study

Starting from zero to ranking in 90 days

for competitive, national keywords.

We had a valued, but small budget client, approach us about SEO for their work order management app solution. We reviewed the opportunity and proposed a smart plan that met their limited budget.

What We Did

We started by learning the clients key markets and followed that up with keyword and competitors research.

The client was targeting about 15 verticals that might use their app – we narrowed that targeting and instead focused on their top 3 markets.

Our next step was to recommend a new menu structure on their WordPress site that would allow us to create the targeted pages we needed to optimize.

When these pages were completed, we reviewed the entire site with Screaming Frog and optimized each page.

Simultaneously we laid out a content creation calendar, and to reduce cost, worked with their internal team to create strong blog posts targeting highly relevant keyword phrases.

Next was link building, internally and externally, to start driving good links to their internal and home pages.

Each month we reviewed evaluated our progress and adjusted our plan accordingly.

What We Accomplished

Keep in mind that this work order management app has strong national competition, we accomplished this in 90 days and did so by working closely with our client, monitoring rankings and competitive opportunities. We now have a solid baseline of ranking keywords and increased traffic.

SEO Case Study

What’s next? Review the traffic data that we have accumulated and focus on maintaining rank for our first page keywords while driving the rest up, page by page.

In the case of a small budget client in a tough, national market space, slow and steady (with a good plan) wins the race.