Attorney Earns Targeted Clients

 Attorney Earns Targeted Clients

Mid Western Attorney Increases Inbound Revenue

Company’s Business :

Scott’s* Law Office is run by Allen Scott. He is an attorney based in Missouri who wanted to grow clientele in Oklahoma and Arkansas. His Marketing Agency hired Inbound Revenue as a White Label Agency to achieve this goal.

The Challenge :

When we on-boarded Allen’s firm, we were faced with the following challenge:   No Conversions

The campaigns ran from 3/1/15 - 11/30/18 with a cost of over $1,340.00 and no conversion data, also many other areas of the account needed to be improved upon and optimized in order to achieve improved results.

  • Limited CPL : Attorney keywords are usually challenging because of their high CPCs. Combined with Allen’s limited budget and specific request for a $100 CPL, this was a thinker for our team. 
  • Variety of Services : The Law Firm offers a variety of services which needed to be advertised. We had to narrow down on the most profitable ones, keeping a limited budget in mind.

Our Solution :
When we on-boarded Allen’s firm, we were faced with the following challenges:  

  • Communication : As Scott’s PPC Partners, we communicated with him every step of the way. They relied on us for their Marketing needs and we on them for industry and location specific insights.
  • Location ,Location, Location : The firm’s immediate goal was to expand business in specific areas so we maxed our efforts for those areas. We set up campaigns for their established location and transferred lessons from there to their new locations.  
  • Bull’s Eye: High intent keywords paired with a customized landing page sent their leads through a narrow, targeted funnel. This increased the conversions and thus, Scott’s business!

The Result :

Our campaigns were enabled in January 2019. The numbers speak for themselves:

Total conversions - 70

Cost Per Lead - $82 (below the client’s preferred CPL of $100)

Allen has earned profit from our efforts, which he has decided to invest in AdWords by increasing the budget 3x.

*Disclaimer - to protect the client’s interests, the names of companies and people have been changed